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Creator's Fingerprints - Ten Years Creating Professional Skills on Creative Solutions

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There are some merits given to our documentaries and short films below. Click the links to see the trailers:

Vaasa Wildlife Festival Special Mentions

Osaava Verme Peer Group Mentoring For Teachers (in English) 2012

Vaasa Wildlife Festival Official Selection

  • 2016: Erkki Kalmari - The Pioneer in Distributed Bio-gas Production
  • 2016: Little Fox - The Dreamer

Little Fox - The Dreamer

The Poster and the synopsis of the short film :

"Little Fox, the Dreamer"

English subtitles. Video 5.34 min

Short film.

Fictional nature movie about a little fox with wild imagination.

Footage taken with a cell phone video during one summer morning walk 2015.

Additional nature still photos chosen from my nature photo archive.

There is some magic in Finnish summer mornings - hoping to share it with the audience.

A film by Jukka Seppälä / Creator's Fingerprints 2016

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